Bicycling Safety

Bike Survivalist Guide – Oregon Department of Transportation

Tips for Oregon riders. Download here.


Safe Biking Student Handbook

A student guide for biking in traffic; includes lane positioning, turn signals, and helmet fitting.

Safe Biking – Chinese

Safe Biking – English

Safe Biking – Russian

Safe Biking – Somali

Safe Biking – Spanish

Safe Biking – Vietnamese

An Organizer’s Guide to Bicycle Rodeos

A rodeo is a bicycle skills event which provides an opportunity for bicyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists and avoid typical crashes. Download here.


Bicycle Safety Education for Children From a Developmental And Learning Perspective

A Literature Review for NHTSA Through the National Safety Council. Download here.



Keep Calm and Carry On to School:

Improving Arrival and Dismissal for Walking and Biking Download here

Oregon Bicycle Fleet PurchasinGuide:

Use this guide to help in purchasing bicycle fleets for your program. This guide was updated in May 2022 and is up to date. Download here

Eugene School District 4J – Kinder/1st Grade Learn to Ride Program:

This guide, developed in partnership with Eugene School District 4J, gives you the tools to start a program helping younger students learn bike safety. Using Strider bikes with removable pedals gives kindergartners and 1st graders the chance to practice their balance and bike safety skills. Download here



A how-to manual for all stages of family biking—from biking while pregnant to biking your child to school. Download here.

Family Biking Guide- Portland Bureau of Transportation (English and Spanish)

A how-to manual for all stages of family biking. See what options are available for hauling kids on your bike, and what to know when your children start riding on their own. Download English version  Download Spanish version

Transit Safety

Selecting School Bus Stop Locations

A Guide for School Transportation Professionals. Download here.




 Ride the Bus Program Toolkit

Download here.

Walking Safety

Step by Step: How to Start a Walking School Bus at Your School 2021

This step-by-step guide outlines how to plan and implement a walking school bus for your school, and includes proven tools, tips and resources for a fast and easy start. Download here.


Paso a Paso: Como empezar un autobús caminante escolar en su escuela

Esta guía le sirve a proveer una descripción clara de cómo planificar y organizar un autobús caminante escolar usando voluntarios adultos como líderes. Download here. Also Walking School Bus Resources Spanish.

The Walking School Bus – Combining Safety, Fun and the Walk to School

This guide is intended for parents, teachers, public health educators, bicycle clubs, Safe Route to School coordinators, law enforcement officers and others who care about increasing the number of children who walk and bicycle to school in a safe manner. Download here.

Kids Walk to School – A Guide to Promote Walking to School

From The Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Download here


Safe Routes to School Guide Teaching Children to Walk Safely as They Grow and Develop

A guide for parents and caregivers. Download here.



A comprehensive guide to pedestrian safety provided by the Heads Up campaign in Phoenix, AZ. Download the toolkit and learn more here.


Developed in partnership with Commute Options, this guide is an overview to beginning your very own Walking School Bus. Download here.

Crossing Guards

Adult Crossing Guard Guidelines

The presence of adult crossing guards can lead to more parents feeling comfortable about their children walking or bicycling to school. Download here.

Traffic Patrol Manual for Schools – State of Oregon

Traffic patrols play an important role in the lives of children who walk or bicycle to school. Learn how to organize a safe and effective program. Download here.


Roundabout Activity Book – City of Bend and Oregon Department of Transportation

This activity book has been designed to introduce YOU to roundabouts. With roundabouts becoming more and more popular throughout the United States and especially in your state, you need to know how to walk and bike safely through and around them. Download here.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood With a Walk Audit

Walk audits are a great tool to gather information about street conditions, engage community members, and inform planning and traffic safety projects. Download here


Construction Grantee Toolkit – ODOT SRTS

This toolkit provides Safe Routes to School Construction Grantees the resources and tips to help them get started on their Safe Routes to School journey.  This toolkit will help you publicize your project and help more families walk, bike, and drive more safely in school zones!  Download here. 


Bicyclist, Pedestrian, and Safe Routes to School Safety Digital Toolkit.

These safety toolkit items were created by ODOT with safety federal funding and are designed to be accessible for public use with the focus of sharing safety messaging for various audiences through outreach and engagement activities such as sharing through social media, emails, websites, and print. Learn more here. 

Building Momentum for Safe Routes to School – A Toolkit for School Districts and City Leaders

Safe Routes to School aims to create safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for students to bicycle and walk to and from schools. Safe Routes to School initiatives have been successful in addressing public health, transportation, environmental, and economic challenges. Download here.

National Safe Routes to School Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to assist you in initiating and implementing a SRTS program. Many successful SRTS programs began with just one or two volunteers organizing a Walk and Bike to School Day, using the energy generated from a single event to build a SRTS program. Learn more here

Non-Infrastructure Toolkit – Ohio Department of Transportation

A variety of non-infrastructure tools to help increase pedestrians’ and bicyclists’ safety. Download here.

Safe Routes to School Toolkit – Active Transportation Alliance

The goal of this guide is to help schools make every day a Walk (and Roll) to School Day. Download here

Safe Routes to School Program Toolkit – Tacoma, WA

The SRTS Program Toolkit details specific SRTS activities that have been successful in schools around the country and can be adapted for local use. This Toolkit focuses on activities that parents, teachers, or student volunteers can lead. Download here.

Building Blocks – A Guide for Starting and Growing a Strong Safe Routes to School Program Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Safe Routes to School is a great way to help students be healthy and have fun on the way to school. This toolkit will help you kick off a new Safe Routes to School program or strengthen your existing one. Download here.

How to Start Your Own Walk-to-School-Bike-to-School & Traffic-Reduction-and-Safety Program

Developed by Walk Boston. Download here


Safe Routes to School – Practice and Promise

Developed by Center for Health Training. Download here

Glossaries/Terms in Spanish




A Guide to School Area Safety 

Download here

 Ride the Bus Program Toolkit

Download here

Ride the Bus Coloring Book

Download here

Safe Routes for Youth

Supporting and Empowering Teen Leaders in Vision Zero

This toolkit provides tips and strategies for effectively engaging young people in Vision Zero, including ideas for integration into SRTS programming, general principles of youth engagement, and more.


Defining Roles and Partnerships for Safe Routes to School

This new resources outlines roles of different partners and opportunities for collaboration. It can be used as a guide in developing a task force or engaging with an existing group of agencies and community partners to support your Safe Routes to School program. Download here.

Engaging Students with Disabilities in Safe Routes to School

This info brief provies information for Safe Routes to School staff, volunteers, or program leaders on how to plan and develop a program that considers and meets the needs of sutdents with disabilities. Download here.

Building Blocks

A guide to Starting and Growing a Safe Routes to School Program. Are you looking to start or grow your Safe Routes to School Program? This toolkit will help you kick off a new program or strengthen your existing one. It provides step by step guidance on how to start a program, how to get your school and city on board, and how to make your program stronger over time. Download here.