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The most successful Safe Routes to School programs have a local SRTS Coordinator—someone who is dedicated to the local SRTS program, has the time to devote to activities and is skilled at community coordination. Coordinator roles are unique to each region, depending on the communities, the number of schools involved and additional resources available.

Examples of Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate district-wide SRTS programming, resources and communication.
  • Facilitate formation of school team to identify and prioritize for walk/bike routes and engineering/enforcement recommendations.
  • Create, promote and/or provide district-wide education and encouragement programs and resources for school(s).
  • Facilitate program data collection, evaluate and modify programs and activities to reflect data results.

ODOT SRTS offers Technical Assistance and support for local SRTS activities through our SRTS Education Hubs. The Hubs offer:

  • website with resources and tips
  • Monthly practitioner webinar trainings on SRTS topics
  • Monthly online meetings to share information and discuss challenges
  • Monthly themes and activities to get familes excited about walking + rolling – with free incentives and outreach materials
  • Art contests, transportation safety campaigns, and much more! 

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