Get Recognized

The Oregon SRTS Recognition Program helps us celebrate the great work happening around the state, as well as being a helpful way for schools, districts and cities to learn more about the SRTS activities and resources available throughout the state.

Getting Recognized is easy!

    • Check out the requirements and resources for each recognition level below. Use this Recognition Level toolkit to learn more about various SRTS activities and download resources. Contact your Hub lead if you have questions or would like assistance selecting or planning SRTS activities in your community.

Bronze Action Steps

1. Promote your that your school is a Safe Routes school


Promote that your school encourages safe walking and rolling by:

  • Hanging a banner
  • Add a blurb to your next school wide newsletter
  • Promote monthly safety and walking _ rolling tips on your schools social media (1-2 times per year)

2. Add at least one transportation safety tip on the school website and in the newsletter/e-newsletter or backpack flier.

Use these ready-to-go safety tips in English and Spanish, or make your own!

3. Organize one walk/bike education or encouragement event, such as October’s Walk+Roll to School Day or a bike and pedestrian safety day.

Get your school involved and excited about walking and rolling by:

Silver Action Steps

1. Provide monthly active travel information through school website, newsletter/e-newsletter or backpack mail.


Provide tips and information by:


2. Hold at least one walk/bike/roll/transit education activity (school-wide biking or walking assembly, bicycle safety training, etc.)

Set the foundations for safe walking and rolling by holding educational events such as:

3. Hold at least one walk/bike/transit encouragement event (Walk+Roll to School Day, etc.).

Get your school involved and excited about walking and rolling by:

4. Optional: Add a Health and Safety or Safe Routes to School lead/position to your school’s parent organization.

As your program grows, consult this guide to get building blocks for your program.

Gold Action Steps

1. Hold an ongoing travel program at least monthly.


Programs could include:

Find information on all of these in this webinar.


2. Update or develop a School Action Plan and post it on the school website.

Develop or update an Implementation Strategy (formerly called Action Plans) by using these resources:

3. Create a map with routes that families are taking and hang them up at the school and/or post them on the website.

 Consider developing maps by:

Platinum Action Steps

1. Provide multi-day walking or biking education programs


Work with your school to bring walking and rolling education into the classroom by:

2. Start a student-led event or activity

Students and youth can get involved in many ways. Watch this webinar on youth leadership in walking and biking for tips to engage youth.

3. Designate an annual budget for Safe Routes to School activities

Consider applying for a Safe Routes to School grant! Get information on how to apply here.

4. Optional: Work with your school district in adopting a supportive policy (statement of support for walking, biking, and skating), add it to your school’s handbook, have your parent group adopt it, post on the school website, and share it with your parents.

Your Safe Routes program is growing! Consult this toolkit for Building Momentum for Safe Routes to School for tips on how to create policies for safe routes at your school.