Oregon Safe Routes to School Recognition Program

Celebrate your successes and learn from others.

The Oregon SRTS recognition program helps us celebrate the great work happening around the state and understand how we can help local practitioners reach more students. We also hope it’s a helpful way for schools, districts, and cities to learn more about Safe Routes to School activities and resources available throughout the state.

How can your school get recognized? It’s easy!

  1. Check out the requirements for each recognition level below.
  2. Fill out the online registration form.
  3. Questions? Email Lindsay Huber, the Education Programs Manager at The Street Trust.

First Steps – get a banner!

  • Identify a Safe Routes to School Champion (teacher, staff, parent volunteer, etc.)
  • Talk to your principal about your school’s commitment to Safe Routes to School.
  • Fill out the Oregon Safe Routes to School online registration form.
  • Have your principal or parent group write a post about your school’s commitment to Safe Routes to School on the website and in the newsletter/e-newsletter.


Meet the “first step” requirements, plus:

  • Promote that your school is a Safe Routes school – yay, we got a banner!
  • Add one transportation safety tip on the school website and in the newsletter/e-newsletter or backpack flier.
  • Organize one walk/bike education or encouragement event, such as October’s Walk+Roll to School Day or a school-wide pedestrian safety assembly.


  • Start small!
  • Ask your local Safe Routes to School program for transportation safety tips.
  • Pull together a small group of interested staff, parents and students to help organize the event or assembly.
  • Celebrate and share success with families and school district communication staff.


Meet all the Bronze Level requirements listed above, plus:

  • Provide monthly active travel information through school website, newsletter/e-newsletter or backpack mail.
  • Hold at least one walk/bike/roll/transit education activity (school-wide biking or walking assembly, bicycle safety training, etc.)
  • Hold at least one walk/bike/roll/transit encouragement event (Walk+Roll to School Day, etc.)
  • Optional: Add a Health and Safety or Safe Routes to School lead/position to your school’s parent organization.


  • Create a simple communications calendar for messaging and events.
  • Talk to SRTS about resources for organizing an event.
  • Involve community members, neighbors and local businesses to help with your event or activity.


Meet all the Silver Level requirements listed above, plus:

  • Hold an ongoing active travel program at least monthly (Walking Wednesdays, Walking School Bus, Bike Train, etc.)
  • Update or develop a School Action Plan and post it on the school website.
  • Create a map with routes that families are taking and hang up at the school and/or post on the website.


Meet all the Gold Level requirements listed above, plus:

  • Provide multi-day walking or biking education programs.
  • Start a student-led event or activity.
  • Designate an annual budget for Safe Routes to School activities.
  • Optional: Work with your school district in adopting a supportive policy (statement of support for walking, biking and skating), add it to your school’s handbook, have your parent group adopt it, post on the school website, and share it with parents.





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