Train People To Be SRTS Coordinators in Your Community

Things to consider for Safe Routes to School

Already have an action plan, but need more people to help out?

This free training is for people within a school, school district or community who want to create fun, convenient and safe opportunities for children to walk and bike to and from school. You will learn about Safe Routes for Kids/Neighborhood Navigators Curriculum, evaluation techniques and tools, how to organize and lead Bike Trains and Walking School Buses and much more!

This is a 1½-day training that includes presentations and small group activities designed to engage all participants. Be ready to ride a bike, talk a walk and take on the role of educator and encourager. Each team who completes the training can apply for a $1000 stipend to complete actionable items within their Action Plan!

Through this training, participants will:

  • Get introduced to the Safe Routes for Kids/Neighborhood Navigators Curriculum, focusing on both the in-class and on-street lessons.
  • Understand evaluation techniques including Parent Surveys and Teacher Tallies.
  • Learn and demonstrate bicycle safety expertise, navigating safely and legally with traffic.
  • Have an overview understanding of statewide Safe Routes to School in Oregon.
  • Learn and demonstrate basic bicycle maintenance skills commonly encountered in lessons and be able to identify and use basic maintenance tools.
  • Understand the function of a school or district Action Plan and begin planning for next steps.
  • Understand the six E’s of Safe Routes to School (Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, Equity and Evaluation)
  • Have the knowledge to successfully organize and lead Bike Trains and Walking School Buses.
  • Understand the importance of relationships with local law enforcement and outreach opportunities.
  • Have considered challenges and solutions to implementing the six E’s of Safe Routes to School, with particular emphasis on Education and Encouragement activities.

For more information, email Brian Potwin or call him, 541-977-8367.





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