Has your school wished for a Safe Routes to School program, but just haven’t been able to get it started? New funding from ODOT will be awarded to School Districts, Schools, Local Governments, and Non-profit organizations in Fall 2019. The funding is from the Oregon Department of Transportation Transportation Safety Division (TSD) and will be awarded to successful applicants for Fiscal Year’s 2020, 2021, and 2022. Applications will be accepted between April 15 and May 31, 2019.

Informational workshops are occurring now through the end of April. See more on our events page. 

Applicants may apply for up to $100,000/year for up to three years, with a 12% local match required. Priorities for this cycle of funding are Safety, Equity, and Coordination, Communication and Collaboration. Available funding is being bundled for a 3-year window and successful applications will address long term sustainability.
Examples of eligible program elements are:

  • Costs to employ a SRTS Program Coordinator
  • Training
  • Crossing guard equipment and training
  • Overtime law enforcement or equipment
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian safety curricula, materials, and trainers
  • Substitute Teacher pay
  • Data gathering, analysis, and evaluation
  • Creation and reproduction of promotional and educational materials
  • Printing

Safe Routes to School programs increase the ability and opportunity for children K-8 to walk, roll and bike safely to and from school, promote a culture of walking and rolling to/from school and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and facilitate the planning, development and implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety and reduce traffic, fuel consumption and air pollution within two miles of the school.

All applications must either have a completed SRTS Action Plan (current to within 3 years) or be in the process of creating a plan for the benefiting school(s) or school district with this grant funding.  If the proposed project involves creating Action Plans, they must be completed within the first year of the grant with the remainder of the grant project aligning activities for implementation of the plan.  Action plans for multi-school jurisdictions or school districts will be accepted and encouraged. Learn more about action plans.