The Oregon Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Program is excited to announce that several communities throughout Oregon have been awarded grant funds and planning assistance to support their efforts encouraging safe options for students to get to schools.

For the 2023 and 2024 federal fiscal Year, 13 Education Grants were awarded among three different funding tiers. These projects aim to encourage and educate students, parents and other community members on safe ways to get to school. We congratulate all awardees, and look forward to continuing to support their projects.

We will also be working with 13 new communities as part of our Project Identification Program. These communities will receive consultant services to create a Safe Routes to School Plan. See past plans here

ODOT received over $80 million in requests for funding to build sidewalks and safe crossings for students from 85 applicants during the first part of the Construction Grant solicitation. Applicants who submitted Part 1 are eligible to submit Part 2 of the application by July 31st. Grants for these construction projects will be awarded in January 2023.  

For over 16 years, ODOT Safe Routes to School has been committed to helping communities implement safe routes to school programs, both through education initiatives and infrastructure improvements. If you would like to learn more about what our Safe Routes to School team has been up to, please read our 2021 Annual Report.