Prepare before going outside for a winter walk

Winter weather means colder temperatures and slick and/or icy roads. Stay comfortable and prepared for winter conditions by following these helpful tips.

Tips include:

  • Wearing reflective gear to be visible
  • Dressing in layers 
  • Grabbing a beanie, scarf, and gloves before heading out (the weather may change)
  • Staying dry by dressing based on the weather and carrying an umbrella when rain is in the forecast
  • Remembering the ground may be slick, so wear appropriate shoes
  • You may need to walk slower, so please be prepared to do so and plan your route accordingly 
  • Bring a water bottle on your walk, no matter the temperature, it is important to stay hydrated 
  • Always plan ahead  
  • Don’t forget to remind your family and friends to dress for the weather before heading outside for a walk 

Here are some extra tips when walking on snow or ice.