Winter weather is here- this means colder temperatures, slick roads and more time riding in the dark. Even with these changes, riding your bike in the winter can still be comfortable, safe and fun! Here are a few tips for your winter biking in Oregon:


Dress for the weather!

-Wear something loose enough to be comfortable riding in. Companies make jackets and rain hoods designed to be used while riding a bike. Some have armpit zippers (pit zips), back vents or an open poncho design to maximize ventilation. Heavy rubberized rain gear will make you overheat and sweat.

-Waterproof gloves or Bar Mitts help keep your hands warm in the winter months.

-Waterproof footwear or shoe covers can help to keep your feet warm and dry. Don’t want to buy a new pair of cycling shoes? Think outside the box- lightweight waterproof hiking boots are a good choice.

-Dress in breathable wicking layers. Using thermal arm and leg warmers can be an easy way to shed layers once you warm up.

-Clear safety glasses shield your eyes from rain and road spray.

-Be sure to keep pants out of your chain by rolling them up or using a velcro strap to tighten them to your body.

Prep your bike!

-Bike fenders and mud flaps will keep the road grime from splashing up onto you from your bike tires.

-Waterproof panniers keep your gear/groceries dry on the trip.

-Cargo bikes and trailers with rain covers are designed to keep kids warm and dry.

-Studded tires are available for bicycles! They are great for ice and snow.

Bike for the conditions outside!

– Ride slow in slippery conditions. Don’t lean into turns on wet leaves, snow or ice.

– Don’t brake too hard in slippery conditions. Locking the front wheel can cause you to lose control.

– Some conditions are just too dangerous for anyone to be outside. “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

Bike safe and use your best judgment to adjust your travel mode for the conditions.