Safe Routes to School continues to grow around the state! Recently, Eugene 4J hired a new SRTS Coordinator, Brad Albee. We took a moment to get to know a little bit about Brad, and welcome him to the Oregon SRTS crew. 

Name, title, and organization 

Brad Albee, Regional Safe Routes to School Coordinator, 4J, Bethel, and Springfield School Districts 

What made you want to become an SRTS practitioner? 

I was an elementary school teacher and secondary administrator for 30 years prior to this position and ran several bike clubs and cycling activities at schools. I am an advocate for active transportation, recognize the connection between exercise and learning, and enjoy exploring on my bicycle as much as possible. All that made this position the perfect move for me.  

What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year? 

I am excited to be working with so many students in the Eugene/ Springfield area and wonderful coordinators in our three different districts. There are a lot of different kinds of encouragement and education activities established here. Everything from Kinder Learn to Rides to Bike Safety Education courses. I am thrilled to be working on those while creating new opportunities for our students, schools, and community.  

Do you have any favorite memories of walking or rolling to school? 

In the mid 70’s, riding my bright yellow Schwinn Stingray to elementary school. Shiny chrome fenders and all. I was very proud of that bike!  

Welcome to Brad! We look forward to seeing all of the great work you do for the students in Eugene and Springfield!