Megan Ramey, Safe Routes to School Manager, got Hood River Middle Schoolers to creatively participate and weigh in on the temporary separated bikeway and side path by the school.  

“From August to October last year, the streets of 17th, 18th and May were temporarily rearranged to create a separated bikeway and side path to make it safe and convenient for students to walk or roll to the Hood River Middle School. Students were centered in the demonstration in three ways: 1) 80s Walk and Roll Club engaged all the neighbors on the street to get their signature, 2) middle school PE students had a safe space to learn how to bike in the street and 3) Safe Routes to School Manager, Megan Ramey, interviewed them in a weekly series called Deep Donut Thoughts Thursday (inspired by Jack Handey of SNL). This video is a compilation of all those activities. 

Fresh off the press as of March 11, the City of Hood River supported staff to permanently install thermoplastic paint on the 18th Street portion, by this summer. They will also be applying for the ODOT Surface Treatment grant to help design and install the intersection transitions, design a second round of a 17th demonstration and for guidance on seasonal delineation to make it physically separated.” 

-Megan Ramey, Safe Routes to School Manager 

Watch the interviews with Hood River Middle School students during the Safe Routes to School demonstration below: