History of Safe Routes in Oregon

Oregon has been committed to helping communities implement Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program for over 20 years:

    • 2001: House Bill 3712 passes, which pushes local public agencies to reduce barriers for children walking or biking to schools.
    • 2003: ORS 195.115 is enacted into law, requiring that local governments and schools collaborate on how to best promote walking, biking, and skating to schools.
    • 2005: Oregon House Bill 2742 creates a statewide SRTS Program to utilize federal funding from the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users.
    • 2012: The Federal funding is folded into the more general Surface Transportation Program (STP). ODOT continues to allocate STP funds to help local SRTS programs.
    • 2017: The Oregon Legislature passes a $5.3 billion transportation package, which funds millions of dollars for schools to improve miles of sidewalks and bike lanes through SRTS programs.
    • 2018: ODOT SRTS convenes the first Safe Routes Advisory Committee.
    • 2019: ODOT SRTS Education program increased its distribution of federal funding, doubling the program’s annual budget to $1 million.
    • 2020: Deliberate collaboration between the Construction and Education arms of the program begins, with an increased focus on SRTS Strategy. Schools closed in spring due to global pandemic.
    • 2023: SRTS Construction funding will increase to $15 million annually.
    • 2024: SRTS Education funding will increase to $1.33 million annually.