Bring the Oregon Friendly Driver Program to Your School Bus Drivers


Oregon Friendly Driver is a free 90 minute training sponsored by the Oregon Department of Transportation to help people who drive learn to be safe and friendly while driving near people who are walking and riding bikes. This training has been approved by the Oregon Department of Education for school bus drivers who will earn credit for participating in this class. 


During this interactive classroom-based training, participants will learn about relevant bicycle and pedestrian laws, best practices, and common mistakes and how to avoid them, preparing them to be safer while driving around schools and communities.

To learn more and sign up to host a training for your school bus drivers please visit our website

Interested in bringing this training to another group or organization? Reach out via the Oregon Friendly Driver website! They love partnering with groups across Oregon to bring this important education to businesses and community groups, all for free. They also offer an online version of the program on our website in English and Spanish that may be accessed any time, making it perfect for individual learners such as teen drivers.