There are so many fantastic resources to explore and utilize. The resources are broken up into categories, including assets by month (website banners, social media posts, stories, and posters), packaged folders, and Strider & Viv illustrations. 

Fun Ways to Utilize the New Media Toolkits: 

Assets by Month 

  • Engage with your audience by posting social media stories with adorable Strider & Viv illustrations on them. 
  • Add posters to SRTS documents and presentations to jazz them up. 
  • Customize website pages with banners. 

Packaged Folders 

  • Another way the resources are conveniently organized (bonus: fonts, JPEGS, & links can be viewed and utilized). 

Strider & Viv Illustrations 

  • Pop Strider & Viv illustrations on documents, PowerPoints, and so much more. 

Enjoy using these brand-new resources! 

Click Here to Access the New Media Toolkits in Dropbox!