We are so excited to announce we have new 2024 toolkits! The 2024 toolkits include site circulation, bike bus, and walking school bus. Plus, there is a new park and walk one-pager. 

2024 Site Circulation Toolkit (find under construction toolkits tab) 

Inside this toolkit, you’ll find:  

  • Information about key site circulation concepts 
  • How to identify problems and appropriate solutions 
  • Countermeasures for reducing automobile speeds on and near campus  
  • Tips and methods for reducing conflict between different types of travelers  
  • Guidance on walking and biking facilities for improved circulation 


2024 Bike Bus Toolkit (find under bicycle toolkits tab)

Inside this toolkit, you’ll find: 

  • How to create and run a bike bus  
  • Guidance on establishing safety guidelines and protocols for bike bus participants 
  • Training and educational resources for bike bus leaders and caregivers 
  • Mechanisms to collect data on participation, attendance, and feedback from participants, allowing for continuous evaluation and improvement of the bike bus program 
  • Strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the bike bus program beyond its initial launch 


2024 Walking School Bus Toolkit (find under walking toolkits tab) 

Inside this toolkit, you’ll find: 

  • The benefits of walking school buses 
  • Tools for making safe and comfortable routes 
  • Techniques for building school and community support 
  • Guidance around safety and liability concerns 
  • Example programs and resources for local implementation 


2024 Park and Walk One-Pager (find under walking toolkits tab)

Inside the one-pager, you’ll find:

  • Steps and tips to organize a park and walk event 

All our toolkits, including the new 2024 toolkits, can be found here.