The 2022-23 school year has started, and as we welcome students across Oregon back to school, we also welcome new Safe Routes coordinators. Megan Shull recently started work at the SRTS coordinator in Lane County. We reached out to her with some questions to get to know her more. Read on to learn about Megan.

What made you want to become an SRTS coordinator?

I wanted to become a SRTS coordinator because active transportation has many benefits and should be accessible to all! Rural school districts might have unique needs that require some creative problem solving for those benefits to be realized. The opportunity to work with these communities was a contributing factor in my decision to become a SRTS coordinator.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year?

I am excited to get to know the schools and communities I will be working with! Those foundational relationships are key in moving from community engagement to community ownership of SRTS programing.

Do you have any memories of walking and rolling to school?

There was a section of my walk to school that had big, mature oak trees that lined each side of the street. This was my favorite portion of my walk, it always felt quiet and during the fall you had the crispiest crunch beneath your feet. 

Welcome, Megan, and thank you for joining the Oregon SRTS community!