The new Oregon Safe Routes to School Neighborhood Navigators 2.0 curriculum is out and ready for you to use! 

The series of lessons are grouped for grade levels: Early Elementary (K- Grade 3), Elementary (Grades 3-5) and Middle (Grades 6-8). Each section has some overlap in the materials where they’re important for all age groups to know along with suggestions for older students to use them. Student age was taken into account during the creation of this curriculum to suggest lesson sequences to match how students learn at different age groups. It is encouraged for educators to review all the lessons and descriptions to choose the ones that are most appropriate for the time you have available along with your students’ needs. 

Most lessons take 5-15 minutes to teach and can be taught in a variety of settings: including: PE or other classes, after school, summer programs, and at home! Each lesson lists the suggested grades and when appropriate, modifications for rural and urban environments.

At a time when many schools lack funding for physical education and health classes, youth have few models of healthy and active lifestyles and few structured opportunities to engage in physical activity in school and throughout the community. All youth need to have healthy, active living modeled and taught to them at an early age. With early modeling, healthy active lifestyles are more likely to be carried forward over a lifetime.

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