Safe Routes is growing in North Wasco! Recently, Liset Mendoza was hired as an SRTS Coordinator to help expand outreach and engagement in the community. We asked Liset some questions to learn a bit more about her.

-Name, title, and organization 

Liset Guzman M, SRTS Coordinator with North Wasco County School District 21.

-What made you want to become an SRTS practitioner?

I enjoy taking charge and initiative in my community to help children. Being a mother, looking out for my own children’s safety, I could only imagine the excitement of having someone team up to educate and show our children various fun ways of transportation and the rules it involves for being safe in our streets.

-What are you most excited about for the upcoming school year?

What I am most excited about is starting my journey out in our community streets meeting most if not all of the kids interested in participating in our walk and roll to school events. I also want to learn from kids and parents their opinions and experiences. Listening to criticism and helping tie loose ends with the city will help me to improve streets and sidewalks to keep our children safe while on their way to school.

-Do you have any favorite memories of walking or rolling to school?

My childhood memories included walking to school and riding the bus. The only time I rode the bus was when I had permission to go to a friend’s house, she rode the bus so I came along with her. What I appreciated the most from the bus rides was the music playing on the radio. When I walked to school, my memories were of the scenery (we had several parks throughout my hometown) friends joining along the way and our pit stops at the market.

Welcome, Liset! We are excited to work with you!