Let’s Ride the Bus

Videos and education help kids learn to ride the public bus.

In 2017, Oregon SRTS and Commute Options distributed several videos to help kids safely ride the school bus and public transit to and from their schools. Not only do these videos feature kids, but they are short and fun to watch in the classroom and at home. In 2018 Commute Options, Klamath City Schools and Klamath County Schools are inviting 2nd graders to “Meet the Bus.” After a short education presentation, students will board a Basin Transit Service bus and ride to a nearby attraction. Kids learn wayfinding, how to pay the fare, how to behave on board and how to signal the driver that they want to exit at the next stop. Families will get a punch card with multiple rides pre-paid, so explore Klamath Falls together! For more information on this program in Klamath County, please contact the project manager, Beverly Leigh.

You can use these handy resources to instruct children on the do’s and don’ts of riding public transportation.

  • This video explains the process of safely boarding and deboarding a school bus.
  • Here, students learn how to correctly ride public transportation.

Oregon SRTS thanks ODOT, the Oregon Department of Education, Federal Highway Administration, and Commute Options for helping create these videos.