Our days are shorter, darker, and colder – and all Oregonian’s are trying to safely get to where they need to go. Check out these tips to make sure we all have a safe and happy winter, whether you’re a student walking or rolling, or an adult driving.

Walking & Rolling Safety

  • Be safe and be seen. Follow safety rules. Look both ways before you cross the street, watch for traffic, and pay attention to others walking, rolling or driving. Don’t always assume people driving can see you, and proceed with caution especially when days are short and weather conditions are unfavorable.
  • Share the way when using trails. Be mindful of others walking, running or rolling. Walk on the right, and pay attention.
  • Walk or roll with friends or in places where there are other walkers and rollers, especially in the early mornings and evening hours. Consider joining or forming a Walking School Bus or Bike Train!
  • Dress for the Weather Dress in layers to stay warm. Pay extra attention to your feet – wear shoes/boots with adequate traction. Wear bright or reflective clothing so you can be seen by other road users.
  • Get your bike ready. If biking in winter, make sure your bike is winter-ready. Check that the tires are inflated, the brakes work properly, and the chain is clean and lubricated. Studded tires for winter are a great way to avoid skidding as well. Make sure you have a bike light in front and a red light or reflector in back. Always wear a helmet!
  • Make it Fun! Stay warm by enjoying a thermos of hot chocolate or cider. Use the time to learn about how things are different in the winter – how the trees look, what color the grass is, what wildlife can be seen.
  • Find more great safety resources on our website.

Vehicle Travel Safety

  • Prepare your vehicle. Ensure that you have installed your winter tires on your vehicle – or have chains on hand.
  • Go slow. SLOW your speed to adjust to wet, snowy, or icy road conditions. Add more time to your travel plans to ensure your safety.
  • Stay alert. People are still walking and rolling in the winter – and their routes can sometimes be covered in ice and snow. Be alert and prepared to stop quickly to allow people walking and rolling to safely get to where they need to go. It can be more difficult to see people walking or rolling with shorter days and bad weather, so be sure you are constantly checking for other road users.

Get educated. Take the Oregon Friendly Driver Online Course to refresh yourself on how to be a friendly and responsible driver no matter what the road conditions.