We are so excited to announce that the Safe Routes to School Jump Start train-the-trainer program now has brand new balance bikes!

“Balance bike training is focused on Kindergarten and 1st grade. Any bike can be a balance bike by removing the pedals, but our new Woom fleet is well designed specifically for young riders. These new balance bikes have a wooden platform to rest feet, a steering limiter to prevent oversteering, front and rear hand brakes with color-coded brake levers, and fun two-tone paint colors. A fleet can be requested through the Jump Start program. Learning to ride on a balance bike allows the rider to focus on balancing and braking on two wheels first. Pedaling will be introduced after the rider is comfortable with basic balance skills. Learning to ride on training wheels forces the rider to concentrate on pedaling, steering, and braking without actually learning how to balance as the training wheels restrict the motion of the bike.

-Shawne Martinez (Program Coordinator for Cycle Oregon and a part of the Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Provider Team- Jump Start Program)

If you are interested in learning more about the Jump Start program or want to request bike and/or pedestrian safety education training for your community, please click on this link.