Students with disabilities should be included in SRTS activities. There are countless benefits of participating in SRTS activities, including mental and physical. Please see below for some benefits, recommendations, and learning opportunities. 


  • Understanding transportation options 
  • Building confidence and a sense of independence 
  • Empowering students 
  • Contributing to social skills development  


  • “Create SRTS materials that recognize students with disabilities.   
  • Include pictures of students with disabilities in program messaging to highlight that SRTS programs are suitable for all students.  
  • Reach out to parents and caregivers of students with disabilities to understand their specific needs and to collect input on the SRTS program.  
  • Invite all students to participate in SRTS events and activities.  
  • Before an event: Provide clear and easy-to-understand information on what to anticipate, how to engage, and explain the process of the activity.  
  • Talk about disabilities in a thoughtful way to normalize the different ways people can be pedestrians or bicyclists.  
  • Share the honest limitations the SRTS team may have to include students of all abilities, while being open to creative and unexplored ideas from the school staff, parents, educators, etc.” 

San Mateo County SRTS March Newsletter 

Learning Opportunities:

Thank you to Ann Donaca, Founder and Director of Bike First!, for the fantastic photos.