It is Earth Month! Let’s reduce our environmental impact by being idle-free and encouraging others to do so as well.  

Ready to get started? Follow these steps for organizing a successful anti-idle campaign: 

“Get your principal’s approval to hold an anti-idle campaign. Find a person at the school to coordinate with and recruit other interested students.   

1. Use our resources below to learn more about idling and how it effects people and the planet. 

2. Gather data by observing cars during pick-up time at your school. You might ask your PTO or parent volunteers to help you. Use our anti-idle observation form to collect your data. 

3. Decide what your campaign will include! You could write an article for the school or PTO newsletter, make announcements during lunch or a school assembly, or share videos, fliers, and posters. Look through our ready-to-go resources below or create your own. 

4. Plan your event. Many students choose the week of Earth Day. Make signs and pass out fliers to drivers on event day. Take photos and celebrate your hard work! 

5. Collect post-campaign data using the same anti-idle observation forms. Calculate the impact you made and let others know! Write a follow up article and send it to the City Council or other media outlets.” 

-Beaverton SRTS 

To learn more and access the Beaverton SRTS resources click here. 

Please also join us on April 16th from 11-12pm for our idle-free campaign resources & inspiration webinar. Julia Sanders, Beaverton School District’s SRTS Assistant Coordinator, will be talking about Beaverton’s SRTS idle-free resources and campaign. Please click here to register for the webinar.