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Earth Month

Planning a Walk+Roll event for Earth Month?

In the spirit of reducing waste during Earth Month, ODOT SRTS will not be providing any physical material incentives, and you are encouraged to get creative about how you celebrate walking and rolling for the earth, whether it’s all month or just on Earth Day.

Please fill out this survey to let us know what activities and prizes you are organizing. We will follow up with you at the end of the month to hear how it went and will be sending out safety gear and special Earth Month prizes to several of you who host exceptional Earth Month events!

ODOT SRTS celebrates the Earth every year in April. Walk and roll to school all month, or choose a specific day to celebrate. Check out some resources and ideas to celebrate Earth Month with ODOT SRTS:


    • Use our Earth Month Toolkit to help spread the word and plan activities. Posters, social media templates, and more are provided in English and Spanish. However, newer social media posts, stories, and banners for Earth Month can be viewed and downloaded from this link.
    • Plant seeds at your school or around your community.
    • Write a thank you card to the Earth.
    • Create a collaborative mural at your school about biking and walking to school.
    • Have students make posters about why they love the Earth.