Walk and Bike Curriculum

We recommend starting to model and teach how to be safe pedestrians from day one! In schools that means pre-school and kindergarten.

Neighborhood Navigators is designed for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students. Please modify according to your children or student’s needs and ability.

Neighborhood Navigators:

K-3 Curriculum


Neighborhood Navigators K-3 Benchmarks

Bicycle Education

Riding a bicycle is a major step towards independence and mobility. Riding a bike is a skill that takes years to perfect, but can be done safely with on-going, age-appropriate education.  Often bike skills start in a driveway learning to balance, and progress through skills like starting, stopping, straight line riding, shoulder checks, road rules, navigating intersections and neighborhood riding.

We recommend starting to teach bicycle safety and skills when students are ready, usually is 3rd grade. Our preferred curriculum to teach the skills and knowledge necessary to ride in the neighborhood is:

Safe Routes for Kids

Cycle Safe