Learning how to properly ride a bicycle is an important skill, and one that can enrich a young person’s life by giving them a new outlet for exercise, freedom to take trips easily, and experience commuting via different modes. 

At McGovern Elementary School, in Winston (Douglas County), Safe Routes to School staff Janelle Newton and Gavin Pike are hard at work delivering bicycle safety education to young students. Using a bike fleet from the Street Trust, Gavin Pike teaches young students not just the basics of riding a bicycle, but how to do so safely.

After their safety lesson, students join Gavin on a bike field trip in a nearby neighborhood, where they get to test out their new skills and have some fun.

Students and school staff are incredibly grateful for the work that Gavin and Janelle are doing. Brad Hirsch, a PE teacher at McGovern, said he has noticed an “upbeat in students riding their bikes to school, and an understanding of alternative transportation options” since the introduction of bicycle safety education classes. One student expressed that, in addition to being so much fun, this class was the first time they rode a bicycle. Now, they are inspired to get a bicycle of their own, and make this part of their daily routine.

Thanks to Gavin and Janelle, students in Douglas County are getting the skills they need to better bike commuters!

If you are interested in bringing bicycle and pedestrian safety education to your community, learn more about our Train the Trainer Program on June 14th from 11am-noon during our webinar. You can also email info@oregonsaferoutes.org to get more information.