The Walk+Roll Spring Challenge encourages kids and families to walk, bike, and roll to school and to stay active and healthy. Learn more here about the resources for schools and families.

Oregon Safe Routes to School

Healthy Kids, Safe Streets and Vibrant Communities

Oregon Safe Routes to School helps create safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for children to walk, bike and roll to and from school. Kids that walk and bike to school are healthier, happier, and often do better in school. Oregon is a special place with diverse cities, rural communities and beautiful landscapes. We all benefit from fostering active transportation for kids. Join us in creating amazing programs in Oregon to get kids, families, teachers and community members walking and biking!

Neighborhood Navigators 2.0

The new Oregon Safe Routes to School Neighborhood Navigators 2.0 curriculum is out and ready for you to use!  The series of lessons are grouped for grade levels: Early Elementary (K- Grade 3), Elementary (Grades 3-5) and Middle (Grades 6-8). Each section has some...

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