The Oregon SRTS Program recommends completing an Action Plan, not only because it is an extremely useful tool for a SRTS school program, but also because it continues to be a requirement of the non-infrastructure application process. While not a requirement of the Enhance application process by ODOT for sidewalk and bicycle facilities projects, the selection committees of the Area Commissions on Transportation (ACTs) suggest that Action Plans could be very persuasive evidence of the need for the project in enhancing the safety of students walking to the school site.

It is also a valuable tool to strategically plan for and apply for grants from other funding sources.

Recommendations developed from the Action Plan will range from infrastructure (engineering) improvements to programmatic actions (education and encouragement, and enforcement). The SRTS Program highly encourages all schools to consider non-infrastructure (education, enforcement, evaluation) components first. Most non-infrastructure programs can begin quickly and start raising community awareness about how everyone can work together to ensure the opportunity to safely walk and bike to school.

Oregon's Action Plan Webinar may assist you as you write the Action Plan.

Sample Action Plans


Rural Example: Malin k-6 in Malin                                  Urban Example: Sexton Mountain Elementary in Beaverton        


Student Hand Tally and Parent Survey forms

Part of the data collection required comes from the Student Hand Tally and the Parent Survey forms. These, in addition to observational counts, give you a good picture of where you are starting from for your SRTS program. These counts should be done annually to measure your successes or determine if a modification is required.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School clearinghouse is the source for the forms. If you cannot download the forms from this webpage, the hand tally, parent survey, form instructions and data tools descriptions are also available at or under the NCSRTS Resources (Evaluation) topic. The returned tally forms and survey forms may be input directly online at or you may opt to mail in your surveys to the national SRTS clearinghouse. For more information, visit the NCSRTS Resources (Evaluation) topic.

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